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Players Guide

For all HKFC Netball Players

All players at HKFC agree to compete in accordance with the Netball Players Code of Conduct guidelines.

At the start of each season, all players agree to abide by the terms of their Netball Membership type. The respective letters are detailed in the links below:



The HKFC Netball DSA encourages all players to complete the HKNA umpiring course. For information regarding umpiring accreditation, please contact 

The current list of HKFC players who are HKNA approved umpires is available in the link below:

Complaints and Concerns


Should a player have an issue that they wish to have the HKFC Netball Club address formally;

  1. Speak with your team captain or coach if possible to try and resolve the issue

  2. If the issue cannot be resolved within the team, contact the Netball Coordinator by email at, and she will assist in directing the issue to the relevant person at HKFC. 

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