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HKFC has approximately 3,500 members, which with spouses, partners and children, represents at least 10,000 regular users. Membership is open to any resident of Hong Kong who can satisfy the General Committee's requirements that he or she is a suitable person within HKFC membership categories.

The Club offers 4-types of memberships to new joiners of the netball section, each with its own fee structure and commitment. For more information, please contact us at

Membership Types

Sports Preferred Adult Membership

Open category of membership for active sportspeople, who can demonstrate their capacity to represent the Club on a competitive level.

Sports Debenture

For elite players/coaches,
by invitation only

Available to players 21 years old and above. Commitment is expected at 3 years, at which time it may convert to Full Sports Preferred Membership, subject to DSA support.

Junior Associate Membership 
(under 21 yrs old)

The Junior Associate Membership gives young people under 28 years of age the opportunity to join the Club in their own right if they can play one of our core sports to a representative level.

Junior Associate Membership
(21-28 yrs old)

Similar to the one listed above, on this membership, once the player turns 28, they have the option to convert to Sports Preferred Adult Membership.

Each membership type has its respective financial requirements, but all players must commit to playing 4 full seasons to gain full membership.

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