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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled the frequently asked questions from our members. If you can't find an answer to your question, send us a message at
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Do I have to be a HKFC member to join the netball section? 

Yes, all players representing HKFC Netball DSA must become members of HKFC. If you’re new, and offered a spot to play for HKFC, you’ll be placed on a pathway to become a member.

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Can I play as a social player?

If you are under commitment, you must participate in the HKNA open league as well as attend at least 80% of training and matches. 


Only HKFC members who have completed their commitment can participate as social players.

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What types of membership are available to me?

There are 4-types of memberships opened to new joiners of the netball DSA. Check out the Memberships page for more information. ​

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What type of fees can I expect to pay?

​Monthly netball levy of $50* (covering kit, registration fees to HKNA), as well as coaching fee of $250*. The latter only charged during netball season between August to April.

*Amounts subject to change.

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What is expected of my membership commitment?

  1. A commitment of playing 4 consecutive seasons representing HKFC.

  2. 80% of attendance to trainings, matches and mandatory season socials.

  3. 3 hours of community hours (e.g. helping out juniors, photographing events, supporting the committee).

  4. Attend an umpire course, as and when they’re organised by the HKNA.

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What do I get with a HKFC membership?

  1. Path to HKFC club membership.

  2. Access to HKFC facilities (sport venues, year-round swimming pool, F&B outlets) as well as sister clubs around the world.

  3. Discounted, and at times free, to events and activities organised at the club. 

  4. Opportunity to join the netball DSA committee.

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When are training and league matches?

HKNA open league matches are held on Monday nights between 7-10pm, depending on scheduling, held at courts available across Hong Kong. Trainings are on Wednesday evenings between 7-10pm.

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When does the season start and end?

The season begins at the end of August and runs through to April.

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I’ve never played netball before, can I join?

Yes, the club welcomes players of all capabilities to come try out.

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